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New Times, New Leaders.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

It seems the only thing we can count on for 2021 is uncertainty. Leadership training is at a critical flux point. Mentorship and development initiatives are increasingly challenged by time and resource pressures. Times are tight and tough.

The SkyPilots Framework is designed for the busy professional, refined for developing high-performance leaders in today's context. SkyPilots provides human-centred and holistic leadership development programs, that help to transform our participants through development of self-mastery, communication skills, and high performance team development. SkyPilots is highly personal development work, rooted in the development of 'Being' values, embodiment and focused intentionality. We emphasize the importance of reflective practices, emotional intelligence, and deep listening. Participants learn to hone skillful choice, the art of creating meaning, and how their future of work is about much more than self-actualization. We take a systems-thinking approach to deepen understanding of the context of human behaviour and decision-making. Our integrated, collaborative methodology provides a truly transformative and impactful experience in leadership development. We help you to build the leaders and teams of today and tomorrow, encompassing skills and values needed to thrive in today’s volatile and uncertain marketplace.

NEW LEADERS NEEDED. New Managers and Directors are often promoted based on their competence in their previous role, but often have little proven ability in leading themselves or others. Today’s world is ever-changing - we need a leadership program to help us navigate. Emergent Leaders play a vital role in establishing the norms, mindsets, and behaviours of an entire organization.

SkyPilots offers a program designed to enable emergent leaders to use effective coaching methods for maximizing the performance of their respective teams and organizations. Our Emergent Leaders Program (ELP) fosters a coaching mindset, providing mentor support to help your organization to truly excel and drive your business forwards. We train managers to coach and lead their teams with conviction and purpose, while building trust in uncertain conditions. Clients are guided in the alignment of team priorities, cadence, and demonstrated core values such as accountability, trust and resilience. We provide assessments and metrics on transformation as applicable, giving our clients value parameters and prerogatives to be realized in relevant terms. Participants form a cohesive cohort with the purpose of providing real-world solutions to their organizations’ most recursive issues, while developing fundamental core skills in leading themselves and others.


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