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We have been selected to partner with The Discovery Foundation to deliver our High-Performance Leadership Program to a variety of tech sector companies across B.C.

Funding for the program is provided to the successful applicants.  

The High-Performance Leadership Program enables participants to develop stable high-performance teams, improve decision-making strategies, evolve best practices, optimize the application of leadership strategies, and foster a sustainable culture of excellence.  

The program is delivered biweekly over 3 months (max. 12 participants, 24 hours total) to a single organization or cross-pollinated by involving participants from different organizations.  


Ready to rise up?

Elevate your leadership. 

Training Programs


Delivery designed to suit the busy schedules of leaders and managers.


We offer fully remote programs and custom trainings in-person.


Get the most from your sessions in small groups (4-12 people), ensuring deep cohesion and high quality outcomes.


SkyPilots is holistic leadership development that transforms our clients through progressive self-mastery, applied communication skills, and systems-thinking development.


We identify leadership as a path of purposeful impact, not tied to specific roles, but as a way of Being in all aspects of life. 


Our training programs enable leaders to develop sustainable high-performance teams, to nurture a cultural of excellence, and to thrive in uncertain, high-stakes environments. 

SkyPilots is fully aligned to working with organizations committed to doing their part in addressing SDGs, from development of individuals to organizations.


Deepen your skills of collaboration and co-creation.  Join a community who contribute to the development of real solutions to recursive issues in the world. 

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"I found the tools really useful to get a better understanding of myself and what type of leader I aspire to be. The skills presented throughout the program were very helpful in managing people and teams."

"I have become more thoughtful in my decision making and reflect more frequently on work situations. I really enjoyed the small teams and all of the sessions allowed us to delve deeper into the topics presented at each module. The SkyPilots team was very professional, super-knowledgable and accessible!"​

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"I got a lot out of the program - also very impressive to see the SkyPilots team adjust on the fly due to Covid restrictions! I would definitely recommend this course and I'm excited to see what happens next for SkyPilots!"​

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