SkyPilots is a global leadership training community that helps leaders and companies to elevate and execute their shared vision with clarity and confidence.


Leadership management training is at a critical flux point. Mentorship and leadership development initiatives are increasingly challenged by time and resource pressures.  



The SkyPilots Framework is designed for the busy professional, and has been refined for developing

high-performance leaders in today's context. Our integrated, collaborative methodology provides a truly transformative and impactful experience in leadership development.  


Sky Is Not The Limit

The rules have changed.  We live in a time where small teams with Big Ideas can rapidly grow to reach millions of people, where organizations collaborate on projects both locally and internationally.  It's time to think exponential for growth and impact, and be bold with our willingness to connect. The SkyPilots Crew are experts in their respective fields, with experience in meeting the challenges of high-growth strategy, and developing the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our programs foster a growth mindset, providing mentor support to help your organization to truly excel and drive your business forwards. ​Clients are guided and supported in the alignment of team priorities, cadence, and demonstrated core values such as accountability, trust and resilience.  We are collaborative in our approach to developing both the individual and their respective teams.

Clarity and Focus 

We work with clients to set horizons and refocus teams on their core vision and values.  This process includes your Executive and Leadership Teams, taking the time to distil the essential truths of your organization, and giving clarity to the organization's purpose. 


We have developed an integrated and collaborative framework to help design the solutions that can really have a lasting transformative impact on your leadership team and culture. We take a systems-thinking view for engaging with Transformative Purpose!


Develop New Leaders 

Emergent Leaders play a vital role in establishing the norms, mindsets, and behaviours of an entire organization. We help managers to coach and lead their teams with passionate purpose, while building trust in uncertain conditions.





"SkyPilots is not your typical leadership program - the exploration of mindful and reflective practices were particularly useful during tough transitions due to Covid-19 crises."

"I have found SkyPilots' push for mental and physical embodiment (with breath-work and presence exercises) extremely refreshing and insightful."

"Appreciate the focus on the self and talking about leadership more holistically. The ability to build trust being a foundational piece was great."​

What is a SkyPilot? 

SkyPilots is comprised of a community of trainers and facilitators with proven skills in high-performance team development and systems-thinking approaches.  The name was inspired from a local mountain near Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.  It has aspirational qualities that is a perfect fit for what we are doing as a collective. The collaborative nature of SkyPilots is an example of what is required by many people working in large organizations, small businesses, and even sole proprietors.  We all must collaborate, there are no silos.  By being a participant, you are also a part of this community and collective. 

So how to describe a SkyPilot?  


A SkyPilot is a leader who serves and stewards, who inspires with conviction and integrity.  


We use our SERVE ™ acronym to describe the 5 core qualities of a SkyPilot: 

  • Self-aware

  • Empowering

  • Resilient

  • Visionary

  • Executive


What is the personal benefit of being a SkyPilot?

SkyPilots is a human-centred and holistic leadership development program, that helps to transform our participants through development of self-mastery, communication skills, and team development.  SkyPilots programs are rooted in the development of 'Being' values, embodiment and focused intentionality. We emphasize the importance of reflective practices, emotional intelligence, and deep listening. Participants learn to hone skillful choice, the art of creating meaning, and how their future of work is about much more than self-actualization.  


SkyPilots provide assessments and metrics on leadership development as applicable to the context, giving our clients' value parameters and prerogatives to be realized.  We take a systems-thinking approach to truly understand the context of human behaviour, decision-making, and visioning the best version of themselves as leaders within their organizations.  SkyPilots help build the leaders and high-performance teams of today and tomorrow, encompassing skills and values needed to thrive in today’s volatile and uncertain marketplace.