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SkyPilots leadership management training programs are relevant to your entire organization.    

Leadership management training is at a critical flux point.  Mentorship, employee and leadership development initiatives are increasingly challenged by the time and resource pressures faced by high-growth companies. 


SkyPilots offers a program designed to enable emergent leaders to use effective coaching methods for maximizing the performance of their respective teams and organizations.  Participants form a cohesive cohort with the purpose of providing real-world solutions to their organizations' recursive issues, while developing fundamental core skills in developing themselves and others. 



Time Commitment

The program is designed to suit the busy schedules of employed managers. Skypilots will meet weekly online for 2 hr trainings and facilitated coaching sessions. 


Online: 36 hours course training 

(3 hrs per week)



* jobs grants cover 60% of cost

skypilots crew

Stuart Anderson, CEO

Stuart Anderson is a high-performance coach, leadership strategist, educator and facilitator.   He has 20+ years of experience helping organizations to build high-performance teams, and aiding performers to achieve more success and satisfaction. His client-list includes a broad spectrum of domains from ranging form Cirque Du Soleil, to tech CEOs, to the Royal College of Surgeons.  Stuart holds post-graduate degrees in Performance Psychology (with Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh.  He is a certified SAFe Scrum Master (Scaled Agile Framework) and alumni of the THNK School of Creative Leadership and Design-thinking.  Stuart recently studied and worked with Stanford University School of Business to help organizations to build signature stories for growth and impact.  

Bettina Rothe

Bettina Rothe is an embodied leadership coach and conscious movement facilitator. Bettina supports clients in the development of an authentic leadership presence that is powerful, compassionate and self-aware. She balances an evidenced-based foundation with a practical application that meets the needs of her clients. She holds a degree in Psychology (Dipl.-Psych) from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany with a special focus on Neurophysiology and Developmental Psychology.  Bettina has been involved in Leadership Development since 2008 and has been particularly interested in developing ways to lead effectively with body, mind and heart. She trained with Wendy Palmer as a Leadership Embodiment Coach, and she coaches CEOs, TED talk presenters, social activists and entrepreneurs.  As the founder of her company “Circles of Inclusion” she designs programs that help people return to a sense of belonging and connection: to themselves, to each other and the ecosystem.  Bettina teaches workshops in North America, Europe and Central America. She has been with SkyPilots since its beginning, and is passionate about bringing humanness into leadership. 

Dr. Julia Kim


Julia Kim is a global practitioner in leadership development and systems change, and has been working at the interface of transformative leadership, wellbeing economics, and sustainable development. She brings a background in program design, facilitation, coaching, and curriculum development and has worked with UN agencies (World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF), the Global Leadership Academy (GIZ/Germany), Schumacher College (UK), the Mind and Life Institute (USA), and senior leadership teams from business, government, health systems, finance, and philanthropy. As a musician, she believes in the creative power of improvisation, embodied movement, and mindfulness-based practices in sparking innovation and insight. Julia is the Program Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan, and is an associate of the Presencing Institute, and a member of the Club of Rome.

Jonas Altman

Jonas is an experienced design strategist and entrepreneur. As Partner of an award-winning marketing consultancy, he helps organizations launch new ventures and adopt remarkable ways of communicating. With over 20 years of working within the creative sector, Jonas has partnered with clients including Sony Music, BBC, Tate Modern and Google. Jonas launched the first accelerator programme in London dedicated exclusively to the lifestyle industries and has enabled countless early stage businesses to secure investment and grow. He is a startup advisor, conference speaker and regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Guardian.

Mike Rowlands

Mike Rowlands is an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant and advisor who works at the intersection of business, community and sustainability. He supports visionary entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations around the world, helping to craft distinctive strategies, disrupt markets, and accelerate success.  He's President & CEO at Junxion Strategy, an international social impact consultancy that exists to help the bold visionaries of the next economy to articulate their purpose, plan their positive impact, share their stories, and demonstrate their accountability. From offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and London, UK, Junxion serves clients on five continents, including major corporations, emerging social ventures, non-profits and civil society organizations, and governments.  Mike chairs the Board of Directors of Hollyhock, a lifelong learning centre and retreat on Canada's west coast, that hosts over 100 annual programs designed to support, nourish and inspire people committed to healthier organizations, communities, and world. He's also a board member at Social Venture Circle, which builds and serves communities of inspired and informed impact investors and business leaders to make social, economic, and environmental change. And he's an Ambassador for B Corp.As an emcee, keynote speaker, entrepreneur-in-residence, and frequent workshop presenter, Mike regularly hosts events, convenes conferences, and teaches strategy, branding, and entrepreneurial leadership. 

Sylvia Rayner, RCH


Sylvia Rayner is an educator and strategist with a passion for startups and the challenges faced by high-growth companies and their leadership. She lead western Canada operations at Lighthouse Labs as GM, and was COO at CMPNY where she designed and taught six programs designed to arm entrepreneurs with metacognitive skills to reduce stress, improve working memory, focus and concentration, and attain greater purpose, vision, and accountability.  She has created and taught several unique courses: Winning Mindset (mental training for competitive athletes), Care for the Caregiver (stress inoculation and burnout prevention for medical professionals, and Practical Mindfulness (an introductory range of techniques from different traditions).  Sylvia also works in private coaching as a registered clinical hypnotherapist specializing in athletes (from amateur to pro/Olympic level), weekend warriors and high-performing business people. She has particular expertise developing superior mindsets for high-risk/adventure and endurance sports. Her work continually draws inspiration from the intersections of neuroscience, business, spirituality, and sports.

Rocky Ozaki


Rocky is one of Canada’s most passionate evangelists on the Future of Work who preaches that technology, a sharing economy and the connected generation have dramatically changed the way companies attract, engage and retain their people. Companies that fail to embrace this reality will find themselves disrupted or made redundant by an increasingly innovative and agile economy.  Rocky couples 10-years of executive HR and operations leadership in large enterprise organizations, with 5-years of startup tech experience. He held the role of Vice-President and Head of Corporate Innovation for the BC Tech Association. He is co-founder of a firm that help organizations future-proof their business through culture transformation and innovative mindsets, and a bootcamp that inspires and empowers people to leverage modern Operational and People practices.

Mike Starkey

Mike has been training technical leaders for many years. While leading and managing teams for 6 years in China and 5 years in Central and Eastern Europe as a Distinguished Engineer and Vice President, Mike was growing technical executives worldwide in IBM. His primary focus was on grooming technical executives in emerging markets and also on underrepresented minorities. He continues to focus on championing women technical leaders. Mike is currently the Associate Dean for Computing at BCIT. He graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston and holds a Masters of Science degree from the University of Utah. He is a certified IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Collaborator and Coach. 

David Kohler, PhD.

David Kohler is an educator, trainer, instructor and coach specializing in leadership development and the science of learning. He has taught mathematics and statistics at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). He has trained several hundreds of teachers, educators and managers in public and private organizations in leadership skills, training skills, facilitation skills and presentation skills. As an education consultant he has designed curriculum for dozens of companies in topics ranging from marketing to entrepreneurship and personal development.  David holds a M.Sc. in mathematics from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of British Columbia (UBC), is a certified Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) facilitator and trainer and a Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership program leader.


36 hours course training



* jobs grants can cover 60% cost

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Time Commitment

The program is designed to suit the busy schedules of employed managers. Skypilots meet weekly online for 2 hour trainings and coaching sessions. 

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