Example Participant Testimonials:

"I found the tools really useful to get a better understanding of myself and what type of leader I aspire to be. The skills presented throughout the program were very helpful in managing people and teams."


"I have become more thoughtful in my decision making and reflect more frequently on work situations. I really enjoyed the small teams and all of the sessions allowed us to delve deeper into the topics presented at each module. The SkyPilots team was very professional, super-knowledgable and accessible!"

"I got a lot out of the program - also impressive to see the SkyPilots team adjust on the fly! I would definitely recommend this course and I'm excited to see what happens next for SkyPilots!"

"SkyPilots is not your typical leadership program - the exploration of mindful and reflective practices were particularly useful during tough transitions due to Covid-19 crises."

"I have found SkyPilots' push for mental and physical embodiment (with breath work and presencing exercises) extremely refreshing and insightful."

"Appreciate the focus on the self and talking about leadership more holistically. The ability to build trust being a foundational piece was great."

"All the conversations and activities have directly assisted me in improving my ability to be an effective leader. I also enjoy the pre reading and videos offered every week before a new module they’ve been great for initiating new concepts. I also love the immersion of skills through interactive individual and group activities."

"The SkyPilots team has done a great job creating an inclusive safe space to unpack impactful concepts for self and business development."