Example Testimonials:

"I found the tools useful to get a better understanding of myself and what type of leader I aspire to be.  The skills presented throughout the program were very useful in managing people and teams.  I have become more thoughtful in my decision making and reflect more frequently on work situations.  I really enjoyed the small teams and coaching sessions which allowed us to delve deeper into the topics presented at each module.  The coaching team was very professional, knowledgable and accessible!"  - M. Misko, Exec.Team Lead

"I got a lot out of the program - it was also impressive to see the team adjust on the fly! I would definitely recommend this course to any young/new leader, and I'm excited to see what happens next for Skypilots!"

- N.McWilliams, Executive Director

"SkyPilots is not your typical leadership program - the exploration of mindful and reflective practices were particularly useful during tough transitions due to the Covid-19 crises." - D. Maher, Creative Director

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