SkyPilots provides human-centred and holistic leadership development that helps to transform our participants through development of self-mastery, communication skills, and team development.  SkyPilots programs are rooted in the development of 'Being' values, embodiment and focused intentionality. We emphasize the importance of reflective practices, emotional intelligence, and deep listening. Participants learn to hone skillful choice, the art of creating meaning, and how their future of work is about much more than self-actualization.


We provide assessments (DISC, Lumina) on leadership development as applicable to the context, giving our clients' value parameters and prerogatives to be realized.  We take a systems-thinking approach to truly understand the context of human behaviour, decision-making, and visioning the best version of themselves as leaders within their organizations. SkyPilots help build the leaders and high-performance teams of today and tomorrow, encompassing skills and values needed to thrive in today’s volatile and uncertain marketplace.